Welcome to St Ives Podiatry Centre

St Ives Podiatry and Sports Podiatry Centre is a family owned and operated podiatry clinic and was established in 1996 by Mark Gilbert who is the principal podiatrist.

The complex mechanics of the foot demand professional expertise. The whole team at St Ives Podiatry Centre are caring and are focused on your specific needs. We provide services ranging from the treatment of corns, bunions, calluses and thickened nails to more complex conditions including nail surgery, wart removal and diabetic foot care.

Our podiatrist’s offer assessment and treatment of a wide range of sports injuries including heel pain, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, stress fractures and shin splints. Some treatment methods include orthotic therapy, foot mobilisation and footwear advice. Our St. Ives clinic is equipped with the latest 3D foot scanning equipment and treadmill gait analysis allowing accurate and outstanding results.

If you are concerned about your children’s feet or gait a consultation with one of our podiatrists may help to determine if it is a developmental stage and they will grow through it, or if there is a condition present that may need treating. Symptoms may include uneven shoe wear, recurring pain or stiffness in the feet or legs, frequent tripping or falling, hard skin or lumps/bumps on the feet, in grown toe nails, pigeon toe, out toe or flat feet.


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